Kim Schulke

kimKim Schulke was born in Vallejo, California on September 30, 1956, but raised in Montana. She graduated from Montana State University with a B.S. in Finance in 1978. She received her J.D. from the University of Montana in 1981.

Kim began her legal practice as a law clerk for the First Judicial District Court in Helena, Montana, a position she held for two years.

From 1984 to 1987, she served as a staff attorney with the Office of the Securities Commissioner in Helena, Montana and then as Deputy Securities Commissioner for the State of Montana.

From 1987 until 1991, Kim was a Deputy County Attorney for Cascade County, Great Falls, Montana.  During that time, she was appointed Chief Deputy.  She has been with the firm since 1991 and has been a shareholder in the firm since January 1, 1996.

Kim serves on the Board of Directors of the Great Falls Soccer Foundation. She and her family enjoy golf and skiing.

Kim is a member of the Cascade County Bar Association, the State Bar of Montana, the Montana Trial Lawyers Association, the American Association of Justice and the Workplace Injury Litigation Group (WILG.)  She practices workers’ compensation law, and personal injury law.

Her reported cases include:

  • Sturchio v. Underwriters Inc. Co., 2007 MT 311 (calculation of work comp benefit rate in case involving multiple concurrent employments).
  • Haider v. Francis Mahon Deaconess Hospital, 2000 MT 32 (wrongful discharge, civil rules; successful verdict affirmed).
  • Cusenbary v. Mortensen, 1999 MT 221 ($750,0000 verdict affirmed, dram shop liability, BAC evidence).
  • Braulick v. Hathaway Heats, 1999 MT 57 (wrongful discharge; successful verdict affirmed).
  • State v. Ereth, 290 Mont. 237, 964 P.2d 261 (1998) (withdrawal of guilty plea; unfavorable decision reversed).
  • Marriage of Meeks, 276 Mont. 237, 915 P.2d 831 (1996)  (marital interest in contingent remainder trust, division of family farm, property appraisal; favorable decision affirmed).
  • Boland v. City of Great Falls, 275 Mont. 128, 910 P.2d 890 (1996) (spot zoning; favorable decision affirmed).
  • Thiel v. Taurus Drilling Ltd. 218 Mont. 201, 710 P.2d 33 (1985) (securities law statute of limitations).

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